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Wavy Circles


Her mouth;

corners raised in a curious smile

engendering her patience

and serene

acceptance of my foolishness

seems to be speaking

all words

at once of itself

beyond the trembling of the tongue

The fragrant red is

like the glare of deepest crimson

and paired

with a sweet and delicate texture


the appearance of being

carved from the flesh

of a flower's petals

perhaps a rose

I feel as though a kiss

from these lips

would mean

certain and immediate


in their warmth

and soft embrace

The idea of this kiss

beacons and seizes me

and my wonder is the sound

her breath makes

Her cheeks;

still and verdant

like the land men are born of

and stiller still

as the graves that embrace us

dark and luminous

as better and worse

vibrant and proud

of the eyes they endorse

My pride

is angry

at the nothing

that isn't there at all

Her eyes;


like the flame

that burns within me

keeps me walking

towards that gaze

days after days

clear like a stream

in love with a mountain

cutting through me

like so many years

running through my mind

The fire of this gaze

ignites me

and there is no more

to see

no reason to be free

just me

and my


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