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Wavy Circles

HeLa The Oversexed: Bodhisattva

Proper Names:

'Beloved of the Lover-in-Longing'

'Sower of Doubt'

'Accidental Agitator Supreme'

'The Motherless'

'Fatherful One'

'The Tri-furious'

'The Atonement of Pornography'

'behaviorism incarnate in flesh doctrine'

'The Fate of Love'

'The Savior of Romance'

'Must be Seen and not killed'


  • seeker of rest

  • introducer of truer taste

  • connoisseur and scribe of beatific frustrations

  • renouncer of complete seduction

  • forgiver of forbearance

  • former and eternal perfectionist

  • safety unguarded

  • devotee of krishna avatara

  • unknower

  • patron saint of exhibitionists

  • worshipper of Matangi

  • rider of the luck dragon

  • self described bad poet

  • exhibits lack of direction

  • new normal

  • not sorry

  • A Masterclass in friendship

  • devoted to HeLa's father (God?)

  • complete..."-ish"

Great Name:

The Freedom of Right Bondage

Law - "In whom do you trust?"

HeLa - "Not a Soul."

"No path is right but don't follow no path.

For the trees are green and the forest is envy.

Better to carry your path with you than leave home empty handed.

The enemy of envy is ownership. One cannot want what one cannot own.

When on The Path own only that which can be carried.

Do not carry that which cannot be carried.

In this way do not follow no path.

Better to leave one letter correctly written than a thousand verses.

If one must write ten thousand verses, let them be perfect."


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