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Wavy Circles

Fluctuating Fluctuation: "In the beginning was the word. And that word was God, and is God"

'The word of god' refers properly to the aleph first

and foremost because that was the first 'word' or sound; what we call as a letter. The sound of the aleph is the sound of the intention to speak. Before God's lips parted Aleph was ready to take flight.

But what is it that God is speaking "in the beginning"?

In the beginning there was the word. And that word was god, and is God;

in the sense that that "word" is what was originally there and was the first thing,

as well as being what we came to understand later as our "God".

We began to worship this "sound", this vibration as the ultimate.

Somewhere along the line we must have discerned this "vibration" to be sentient, as well as ultimately benevolent in (by?) nature and also somehow involved in all activity which occurs in our universe, leading us to consider it as all powerful -able to control all aspects simultaneously as well as "deciding" what was "destroyed" and "created".

What is a personality anyways?

Is it a series of recognizable patterns pertaining to an individual entity's behavior; specifically in relation to another being?

What makes a thing personal or impersonal?

Is it the meaning that we ourselves impose on that object?

Is it to be considered an object if it is in fact a vibration in space,

which it stands to reason may also very well be vibration itself?

Can a vibration be considered existent in and of itself if it is always in flux?

How shall we begin to define this fluxing flux?

Can anything be said to exist at all in a real sense if none can be defined?

Or must we take our own existence as a matter of faith...

since we are born of and from this fluxing flux?

After all, the word pistis (Greek for 'faith')

originally meant something more about having been convinced

about the truth of an idea

than something about simply nodding along.

How indeed do we convince ourselves of our reality

from moment to moment

to a great enough extent

that it does not get in the way

of the performance of our duties?

So do we rely solely on faith? Or is it a balance of faith and doubt?

A fluctuating dance between belief and investigation?

Ideology and a willingness to listen.


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