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Wavy Circles

Book of Eli

The Hound’s Tooth:

Blood pours from the wound. The hounds snarl viciously at him. There are two of them.

Standing over him as his life drains from the hole newly torn in his inner thigh.

The tooth is still lodged in his leg.

It is the only reason he is still conscious. The delicate ivory dagger is all that is keeping his femoral artery from emptying itself onto the dusty pine needle covered ground.

He realizes his peril. His impending departure from this mortal plane instilling in him a newfound appreciation for the life he is about to lose.

He feels regret.

He regrets walking into the forest at night alone. He regrets leaving his home in anger and he regrets the last words he spoke to his family. He is sure this is the end. He has finally done it.

He grows increasingly desperate as moments from his past leap to the forefront of his awareness. Even as these awful beasts circle closer his mind is filled with images unrelated to his current predicament.

But perhaps not so unrelated, as it was these blunders each that led him a step closer to this fateful nights error. His attention turns back to the beasts. Each vying to be the first to indulge itself on the flesh of this foolish overevolved hominid squirming in front of them. But the creatures are no longer what he fears. He can feel the blood draining from his wound. He feels the wetness and the growing chill.

He feels the absence of his future.


He pleads with God to give him one last chance.

One last chance to make something of the life

which he has treated with such ungrateful flippancy.

One last chance to keep the spirits of his parents

from breaking under the weight of losing their child.

One last chance to find the love he knew he'd never find again.

One last chance to find the courage to create some meaning for himself.

One last chance to die with some small amount of peace in his heart.



Universal love

for a universe of you for it is you who deserves perfect love Acceptance is now the root of all you are here Be kind to that which unnerves you and swerves you Arise into a world you will be proud of a world you will be Your depth ascends and your weakness collapses creative springs surge skyward courageous waters ebbing forth flowing out of the bedrock of your hopes and of your fears overcome Crawling and wanting and jumping and flying you are everywhere and every day may the canvas of your mind be rich with color and life reflected by the Ocean and met by the Stars Now take the world with me and take care with the world When you meet another Worldbearer you know now what must be


From the earth he is borne

of the Mother

Though woven of the womb

He belongs to another

One is Two is Three is No-thing

Severed by duty, He is grown

Strengthened by Man, He is known

Silent Indeed, He is shown

Worked to the bone

a song spun of stone



Longing, luminous, liminal, laughing light

Broken, boundless, beautiful, breathing bright

Fraught with fright he fights a foe

for one, against two

he goes toe to toe

Three descends, forgiveness 'fervesces

And He is born anew

One Kiss

Her lips;

corners raised in a curious smile

engendering her patience and serene acceptance

of your foolishness

seem to be speaking all words at once of

themselves, beyond the trembling of the tongue

The fragrant red is

like the glare of deepest crimson; and paired

with a sweet and delicate texture, evokes

the appearance of being carved from the flesh

of a flower's petals; perhaps a rose

You feel as though a kiss from these lips

would mean certain and immediate immolation

in their warmth and soft embrace

The idea

of this kiss beacons and seizes you

and your wonder is the sound

her breath makes

The Rose Spoke Thus

And the thorn spoke to the rose,

"Why do you resent me so and pretend I don't exist

when it is I who makes you the beautiful treasure you are?"

And the rose replies,

"It is true people love to look at me and enjoy my colors and my fragrance

but had I not you thorns perhaps someone would want to pick me up and

take me with them."

"You belong here grounded in the earth by your roots, dear flower. . .

It is I that protects you from being picked and taken on a journey not your own";

responds lovingly the thorn.

Arboreal Haiku

A world unnoticed

Toiling armies wade through moss

Life built upon life

Reaching for the sun

Even at night growing strong

Master of patience

Just another tree

Home for all of these beings

Just another world


Oh serendipity

Oh synchronicity

You speak to me of more

than what you show to me

Mere coincidence

with confidence they say

my ecstasy explained away

But I see and still I sit

bravely turning eyes aglow

my heart beats with the flow

My crown is lit

I drink of it

the words I'll never know

To live is to die a thousand deaths and survive every one.

And to die 1000 deaths is to learn 1000 names for God.

And learn you will until

you sing all names at once with every breath.

Nothing seen

Only what I’ve been

Some may call nothing an abyss

Some may call everything abyssal

Some are eaten alive while staring

I stare but into my own heart

I look not unto an abyss

But a splendor of abyssal proportions

I may not stare into the abyss

I stand upon the splendor

And the abyss stares out of me

Only what I've become have I heard / I have heard what I become

or {'I learned to subsist on hate; for love had gone to war'}


A memory of a voice comes to my senses:

I taught my heart to speak, for only it may curse the upright.

I taught my mind to weep, for only it may mourn the damned.

I taught my eyes to see only dust, for light is all that binds.

I taught my ears to hear only breath, for wind is all that lives.


An echo screams into being:

I haunt my own flesh, like a demon who loved too much.

I waste away unhungry, like a vulture turned to God.

I sing empty words of longing, like a banshee who's moved on.

I hate my selfish praise, like messiah come and gone.


An ancient song passes through the stonework:

Forgive the Fire for burning,

Forgive the Mind for learning,

Forgive the Moon for turning,

Forgive the Soul for yearning...


Where the sands of time meet the River Fate on the shore of Eternity for you I will wait And in our embrace there will not be room for regret in grace nor rejoice in doom Songs will be sung and poems recited as we pray we will be reunited Sit evermore still and seek not the sought

Emblazon the will and keep not the caught For here on the shore of yore and yon all of our fears will sure be gone Plant Here the tree

of your dreams that the roots and branches

of your life may have hold in All Told


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