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Wavy Circles


My father is like a blind man trying to light his path with a torch, burning all who cross his path.

He either does not know or will not admit his blindness. He knows he has a son but has never seen him.

A man has heard a phrase repeated many times and named the survival of the phrase wisdom; deafening himself to the truth of a man's life.

And the man had a son,

but did not teach him the exchanging of money for goods or services. But was himself rich, and did not equip his son with the means to match his wealth but forbade the discussion of money and condemned his son for spending his allowance.

For this reason and for this sin the man was hated by his son.

And the boy was wise; and taught himself to live in poverty; taking for himself comfort, pleasure and joy in simple things, which were afforded to him by God.

In good things the son of the father takes pleasure and against the baser senses he struggles as all men struggle. In silence the son imbibes the world. With vision the boy views and judges the world and against blindness he struggles and hopes that his God is at his right hand.

There is a hope which is dimmer than the crudeness of the man's torch, and that is that the father may see the boy as a man.


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