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Wavy Circles

The Name Himself

Here I have combined two alphabets of my heritage to indicate the source power word of my own personal Tradition -- AMOR FATI. A family crest of my own design. The geometric image above includes combinations of runes such as those for "Day" as in "Daylight" and "End" as in "End of a cycle" or "Energetic Release". The triangles represent the two primary energy channels or nadis which in the body form the two witnesses and must themselves be made up of three distinct energies each. These would be Rudra, Hara and Sadashiva in Yoga. So the central knot represents the Divine Marriage of these two forces creating life. The eight-fold lotus is an allusion to Buddhist precepts of the noble eight-fold path and represents Life's expansion in all directions as well as the wheel of Dharma itself. The inferior lotuses within are the Buddha as descended teacher coming before us and the foundation of Sanga community here on earth. The top star is significant of humility through surrender unto God. The lower star is significant of living through balance.

The above set of runes spells out phonetically, "AMOR FATI" when read from left to right. Read right to left as in standard Hebrew you find the root of the Tetragrammaton, Yud, Heh, Vav and Aleph subsituted for the final Heh. The Norse runes belong to the Elder Futhark script and the associated traditions. 'Journey', 'Reunion', 'Gifts of the Path' and 'Warriorship' respectively, from left to right.

A poem about the Tetragrammaton - the holy four-letter name of God:

Shall I say “I” am breathing? No. ‘It’ breathes me. ‘It’ is YHVH; the living Tao, the

eternal Christ.

From the first pulse of natural will - the Yud

to the inhalation - first Heh

through the central axis of Experience

Mount Meru - the Vav

and always flowing out again via our final Heh

the Name is and is in All.

"I want to live again.

I want to love.

I want to breathe.

I want to die again before dying."

Love the fear of the Lord. Love Life.

"Yirat Hashem"

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