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AMOR FATI (Love Thy Fate)

AMOR FATI is a system I devised based upon the Bhavachakra teachings of Buddhism. I've combined these teachings with Nietzsche's writings on his conception of love of one's fate as a formula for Human greatness. For me, AMOR FATI is synonymous with HARE KRISHNA. In the center is what I call "the tide of entanglement" which is the cycle of clinging and equanimity. I say "tide" because I believe all mistakes are inevitably corrected by Nature or Human nature. What washes up on the shore of our experience is bound by nature's law to recede once again into the ocean of time beyond time. Describing the roots of hatefulness I use the word 'avidya' which means ignorance, nescience or the opposite of vidya or lived knowledge. My desire is to share tools which have helped me to achieve what feels like greatness within so that we may together share greatly without. AMOR FATI is first and foremost an emotion, secondly it is an emotional concept. The emotion elicited upon naming one's own fate as one's Beloved is the end and the means and the practice. Fate as a concept is all-inclusive, becoming an experience based point of reference on which to shower all related emotions and passions. The word AMOR is related to the concept of Agape: Love for Man of GOD and for GOD of Man; mutual, interdependent, affectionate. AMOR in my mouth has a ring of romance. To be fully engaged with the present I believe it to be a best practice for one to "romance" ones fate, finding common ground with past hurts, wounds, perceived failings etc. and offering thanks, or joy for triumphs and luxuries enjoyed during the dance of life. How much are we really in control of? Very little isn't it? Indeed it is a philosophical discipline in itself simply to discern and measure the existence of such effect. Ultimately our experience and therefore enjoyment or misery is a combined force consisting of our effort and Fate's gifts isn't it? I often think of this predicament in terms of a marriage complete with it's trials, tribulation, mourning and rejoicing. Every marriage takes work to sustain as does Life. The work here indicated is an evolution from a vulgar existence dominated by naked lust to a divine existence where life is seen as it is with all it's absurdity and beauty enjoyed in full bloom. Evolution on your own terms by your own action -- your karma. The road to fulfillment lies not in repression but in healthy enjoyment in love.

"But love should be pure, love should not be impure." ~OSHO

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