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Wavy Circles

The Luminating Principle

The Luminating Principle is the result of 3 years of wrestling with all

the concepts, symbols, signs, and emotions I've experienced in my life.

I wanted to know the basic operating principles of my Universe.

To my surprise, I came to a conclusion that is simultaneously concise

and aesthetically pleasing, conceptually well as grammatically.

I have drawn from my studies of Vedanta and Sankhya philosophy

as well as Nietzsche's work and innumerable other sources of inspiration.

My hope is that this presentation serves as a basis for individual exploration of these concepts which are vibrant and uplifting as living forces in my life.

The Luminating Principle can also serve as a core scripture for one who desires a foundation for their own personal religious or Yoga practice.

But most of all It's justsomepoetry. Enjoy:

May I learn to Live so that I may Love

May I learn to Love so that I may Live

Organization is the luminating principle.


Intelligence is the organizing principle.


The will to power is the life principle.


The love of life is the will principle.


Love is Mahaishvara. Love.


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